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Bike Riders Journal
Bike Riders Journal (Lake Zorinsky Trail)

Welcome to Global Honk!

This is an online journal tracking our bike rides, which are mainly on the trails in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Amazingly, Omaha has a remarkable amount of bike trails, and eventually we do hope to cover every inch of them.

Now, don't think that each of the local trails are as pretty as this one at Lake Zorinsky. As this website progresses you will find quite a few photos we have taken on our bike rides, and hopefully I will remember to note on which trail the pictures were taken.

This Bike Riders Journal creation began on February 18, 2010. Our earlier rides (cautiously beginning in the fall of 2007) will be posted here, using information I have collected and saved. Be patient and give me time as these older rides are added...

Bicycle Built For Two
Bicycle Built For Two (Omaha Riverfront Trail)

A Bicycle Built for Two

We've had "several" bikes before learning that this bicycle built for two, or a tandem bike, was best for us.

It's a Cannondale, and though this particular size (it's got a medium height seat for me, and a short height seat for Vicky) had to be special ordered, we purchased and picked it up at the Bike Rack in Omaha, on about 144th Street. It's a 24 speed, which is probably more gears than we need for the trails that we ride it on, but it is better to have too many gears than not enough.

To reach our bike trails, we need to transport our bike on the back of our car, and it is much easier to load and transport this tandem than expected.

Vicky On Her Three Wheeler
Vicky on Her Three Wheeler (Bellevue Loop Trail)

Vicky, my wife, best friend, and riding partner

Bike riding wouldn't be nearly as much fun without Vicky. We enjoy our rides together, and she puts up with my trail choices and frequent stops for pictures quite well. While planning our rides, sometimes Vicky picks the trail and sometimes I pick the trail. However, Vicky's trail choice is almost always the Bellevue Loop, and I like a little more variety in where we go.

This picture of Vicky was taken on the Bellevue Loop, and that is her Worksman Three Wheeler single speed she is riding, and my seven speed Schwinn Jaguar is parked behind her. We did advance to a 3 speed Trek Pure Trike for Vicky and a Trek Navigator (21 speed) for myself during the 2008 riding season, which will help explain the various bikes you will see us on in this website.

Craig On His Schwinn Jaguar
Craig On His Schwinn Jaguar (Towl Park)

That's me (Craig) on my Schwinn Jaguar

This website is my creation, so if you discover mistakes, it's my fault.

Note: Vicky bought me this Schwinn Jaguar in the fall of 2007, and it is a nice "beginners" bike. Okay, I wasn't exactly a beginner, but I'd been off of bicycles for over a third of a century...

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